Aeroplane Jelly is an Australian Jelly company that is famous for the girl on the swing advert.

History Edit

Beginnings of Jelly Edit

In 1927, Bert Appleroth made his first jelly crystals in a bath tub and sold them on his Tram routes. In 1930, the famous Aeroplane Jelly Jingle was first heard on radio on a Sunday afternoon and was created by two people: Albert Lenertz and Les Woods.5 Year old Joy King was chosen to be the girl who would oerform the jingle.

Here Comes Bertie ! Edit

In 1942, Bertie the Aeroplane made his debut in a 2 minute short. It centers around Bertie finding flying saucers of Jelly. The jingle is performed by Bertie in this short. This was usually screened during intervals in cinemas

Modern Jelly Edit

In 1960, the famous black and white girl on the swing ad finally premiered on TV. Aeroplane Jelly gained a world record in 1981 for the world's largest Jelly and in 1996, Bertie appears on the screen for the first time since 1942.