BI-LO is a formerly existing Supermarket Chain in Australia

History Edit

When it was a Chain Edit

BI-LO was established in Adelaide 1979 by three Weeks Brothers, John, Peter and David. The same year, Coles Myer announced that BI-LO was the cheapest supermarket in South Australia. When it came to adopting new technologies, BI-LO did not miss out. they had been the first to ad scanning systems in ALL of their stores. By 1987, BI-LO had opened 28 stores in South Australia. Later that year Coles Myer purchased BI-LO. They also purchased the 34 Shoeys stores operating in New South Wales which would later be renamed to BI-LO. In 1994, BI-LO gained a competitor, Franklins. In response to their Big Fresh concept, BI-LO opened Mega Fresh stores, the first being in Greenacres, SA. In 1999, "Extra Value for You", Dinkum Dollars" and more slogans were launched.

The Downfall Edit

In 2002, BI-LO has won over it's competitor by taking over 15 Franklin's stores and releasing the new slogan "Why Pay More" in 2004. In 2006, The then CEO of Coles strategized to rebrand BI-LO, Liquorland and more to Coles. However the conversions stopped in 2007 as the 129 stores that had been converted were doing poorly. Since they performed poorly, Coles decided to sell 8 of their remaining BI-LO stores to Foodworks. By 2009, only 49 stores remained. By December 2014, only 6 stores remained. By the end of 2016, one last store remained, Loganholme. The workers of the last BI-LO expect that it will be converted in mid 2017. This was the end of an amazing era.

Advertising Edit

Amid the conversions of BI-LO to Coles, it didn't stop BI-LO from releasing new slogans. In 2007 they released their last slogan, "Reduce the Total of your Docket"

Here are other BI-LO Slogans

  • "Extra Value for You and Me"
  • "Why Pay More"
  • "It's the Total of the Docket that Counts"
  • "Dinkum Dollars"
  • "Why do you shop at BI-LO ?"
  • "We do, You do"
  • "Cheap Groceries"

Advertisements Edit

BiLo - Dinkum Dollars - Australia, 1999

BiLo - Dinkum Dollars - Australia, 1999

These ads were from the Golden age of BI-LO, 1999 and 2001

Trivia Edit

  • BI-LO's main competitor's were Aldi, Woolworths, Foodworks and IGA
Bilo - % Off Price Blitz I - Australia, 2001

Bilo - % Off Price Blitz I - Australia, 2001

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