Dollar Bill is the 'mascot' of the Decimal Currency Switch which occured on the 14th February 1966.

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Dollar Bill became a symbol for the Decimal Currency Switch of 1966. He first appears in his famous infomercial which describes when the switch will occur and why it will occur. He shows this to us by doing a maths sum in Pounds, Shillings and Pence. Which creates confusion for himself, then he shows us a decimal currency maths sum which is much easier. He informs us that Australia one of the last countries to use decimal currency. He also informs us that with pounds, shillings and pence, time is wasted and bosses are angry if done incorrect. After he shows what pounds, shillings and pence are worth in decimal currency, his guitar changes to a drumstick which he uses to smash against the coins to make them change Since then, the 50 Cent coin has gained 12 sides. 
1966 Australian dollar bill infomercial-0

1966 Australian dollar bill infomercial-0

More Appearances  Edit

He doesn't only appear in this infomercial, he appears in other infomercials as well, in another one of his famous appearances, he appears as the conscience of a grandma being irritated by her little boy constantly questioning her about the Decimal Currency Switch

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  • Little do some people know that Dollar Bill's Clink go the cents jingle is actually sung to the tune of Click go the Shears

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